• Get up easier
  • Stand up correctly
  • Sit properly
  • Stay in shape

Armi Activechair is available in multiple models

The operation of the chair is the same in all models – the only engine is you!

Armi Design

Now there is charm in Armi! The most popular and best-selling Armi Design -model has been designed by Tapio Anttila, a Finnish, widely awarded international interior designer and designer.

In addition to elegance, homeliness and comfort, the focus was on the ease of maintenance and on the chair’s adjustability and adaptability for users of different sizes and conditions, as well as adjustability and suitability for different situations and needs. Stylish furniture for even the most demanding taste!


With standard fabrics 1 590 €

Armi Style

In 2019, the collection was supplemented with the Armi Style by Tapio Anttila model, which is modified from the Design model by equipping it with a rotating flange leg. In addition to the default properties of Armi with added rotation ability Armi Style also adds a slight swivel effect to the back support.


With standard fabrics 1 840 €

Armi Lux

Armi Lux by Tapio Anttila model, the newest member of the Armi family, offers a backrest tilt adjustment, which makes it possible to tilt the backrest backwards to a more resting position. When leaning forward from the rest position, the chair first returns to the normal position, after which the mechanism that assists in raising the chair works just like any other Armi chair. The locking / releasing handle can be used to prevent, release or lock the chair in a certain position.

The Armi Lux model has also been redesigned and is delivered primarily with very high quality genuine leather. It is also possible to get it in four legs, but the tilt mechanism requires a rotating flange leg. Due to the space required by the tilt mechanism, the flange leg in the Armi Lux has been changed to a lower metal profile to reduce the chair’s lowest possible seat heights. *


Price range 1990 – 2570 € depending on choices. Due to the different options from the other models, Armi Lux can be ordered with its own order form for the time being.

* With the backrest tilt adjustment, it is not possible to get the Lux to the lowest seat heights. People originally less than 170cm long, the heels may not reach the floor in a sitting position. By keeping the feet on the footstool, it is also suitable for a very short person. In the Lux model, with four legs or flange leg, without backrest tilt adjustment all seat heights are possible.

Armi Classic

The traditional Armi Activechair model is now called Armi Classic!

Armi Classic is both a functional and comfortable piece of furniture for your home and an active exercise tool. Armi is an ergonomic device, powered solely by it’s user.


With standard fabrics 1 290 €

Armi Lite

Armi Lite brings Armi’s unique features to a lower price range, and thus enabling more and more people to benefit from it. The new model Lite replaces the low-backed one of the previous Armi Classic by combining the foot solution of the newer Armi Design model, where easier height adjustment is achieved thanks to the different dimensions that can be screwed in place, as well as a lighter appearance.

Thanks to the optimization of production, you can now get better at a lower price!

Armi Lite is also an excellent choice for comfortable furniture in public and public spaces. It is good and comfortable to sit on, but easy to get up. Especially in places where a lot of elderly or otherwise weak people visit, such as pharmacies, hospitals, health centers, service houses, etc.


With standard fabrics 740 €


  • Finnish

    Armi Activechair is a Finnish innovation that eases the life of senior citizen.

  • Safe

    The chair’s inclining seat and mechanic of the armrests help you get up with ease.

  • Durable

    Years of research and development.

  • Adaptive

    Adjustable neck rest, legs height, A wide selection of upholstery and colours.

  • Exersize tool

    Strengthens the muscles and improves balance.

  • Easy chair

    A functional, comfortable piece of furniture for your home.


The armrests and the tilting seat help the occupant to get up. The chair’s mechanism guides and assists him or her to get up independently and with minimum effort, by utilizing the biomechanics of the human body. The overall strength of the body, and in particular that of the buttocks and lower limbs, is put to full use. This enables a person with muscle weakness or problems with the lower limb joints to independently get up from the chair.


Armi lightens the physical burden on the nursing staff in care homes when helping an elderly person in poor health to get up from the chair. The mechanism of the chair guides and facilitates getting up, by utilizing the elderly person’s own resources.


Armi enables a sitting person to exercise as they get up, irrespective of possible weaknesses in the lower limb muscles. This improves balance when standing or walking, and thus enhances their functional ability. There will also be fewer falls.


According to scientific research, long-term sitting predisposes us to different chronic diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and diseases of the locomotor system. The only methods of preventing these long-term injuries are movement and periodical breaks from sitting. A chair, which helps you to get up and supports your activity, will also motivate you to get up. An activating chair is useful in preventing injuries caused by long-term sitting, because its properties can also be utilized in short exercise sessions.


Armi Activechair also helps you to maintain your ability to move, and to improve your muscular strength and balance. -By exercising with the help of Armi you will remain in good, active condition longer. The chair can also be used as a tool for group exercise.

The use of Armi Active Chair is easy and safe!