From our customers

Armi Activechair provided an good ergonomic chair to my father which is just fit for him. My father can get up from the chair easily and safely and that is why he also likes it so much. Armi Aktivechair has been a big factor in enabling my father to live and act independently.Tyytyväisen 75v asiakkaan tytär Espoosta
Armi chair has been a really huge help and it has eased ordinary life considerably. Now my husband can get up from the chair to rollator by himself and I don’t need to support him anymore. The chair has also helped me very much. The back rest is amazing and I can watch a whole two hour movie on it without any pain.Tyytyväinen omaishoitaja Porvoosta
Armi is the beauty and decoration of my room – like a real emperor’s chair many has said ?Toivo Kala 84v, Tampere
I have had constant back problems from an office work for a some time. When I sat down on an Armi chair for the first time at a certain pharmacy I automatically found a very sturdy position. Now when I sit on the chair or get up from it I don’t feel any backache. Many thanks!Sirpa, 61v