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Why is Armi Activechair the best lift chair and the best senior chair on the market?  And why get one in time?

The Armi Activechair not only makes ascent easier, but its patented and unique mechanics also strengthen and rehabilitate at the same time, and thus improve the user’s ability to function in all other everyday situations also.

For example, the movement paths of Armi Activechair when getting up from the chair have been honed by the physiotherapists so that the muscles are used in a variety of ways, and there is minimal stress on the joints. Or just the fact that the stiffness of the middle body is stretched even with minor use helps in many basic everyday functions. The Armi chair also develops the person’s motor skills and directs him to get up in correct angle and to avoid, for example, turning to the other side or vertically upwards.

Strengthened muscle power improves balance and reduces the risk of tipping, and the Armi chair can be used to prevent musculoskeletal disorders due to immobility. It can also be used to exercise the musculature needed to get up from a chair and cope with everyday life.

Physical activity can make a significant contribution to an elderly person’s ability to function, to survive independently, to prevent many diseases, and to improve their overall quality of life. Armi also facilitates the work of caregivers and nursing staff.Motorized chairs

Unlike the Armi chair, motorized, electric or other externally powered lift chairs, on the other hand, make the already weak person indolent and often eventually take away the remaining muscle power. Of course, they also have a place, at the point when getting up by no other means is possible, but when it is still a little possible, it would be better to activate the use of own musculature. The only motor in the Armi chair is the person himself!

Similarly, unlike on externally powered chairs, on the Armi Activechair the person has complete control over what happens or does not happen. For example, it can cause dangers if the muscles are not ready to absorb the weight when help comes from the so-called outside source. Electric motorized chairs usually also include wires and remote controls, which is usually not desirable.

Is getting up from a chair difficult? Feeling pain in the knees, hips or back?

Sometimes we hear from the client that the physiotherapist had said that no kind of assistive chair is needed as long as one can get up from the chair independently. Typically, this is because the physiotherapist has not been informed of how the Armi chair works. In other words, the physiotherapist has in mind the slacking effects of the chair that raises up with external power, while the goal of the Armi chair is just the opposite.

Most people realize that getting up from a normal chair can cause unreasonable pain, and that twisting upwards causes stress on the joints that gradually erodes the ability to function and makes the ascent even more uncomfortable. At worst case (often heard from the customers or their relatives), instead of getting up from the chair and moving around, people have remained seated for very long periods.

Most people realize that getting up from a normal chair can cause unreasonably pain, and that twisting upwards causes stress on the joints that gradually erodes the ability to function and makes the ascent even more uncomfortable. At worst case (often heard from the customers or their relatives), instead of getting up from the chair and moving around, people have remained seated for very long periods.

Customers are often resent they had not bought Armi chair a bit earlier. It has long been thought that “not yet” until the situation is acute and the ailments are already severe. Or rehabilitation after a possible bad fall, resulting in, for example, a hip fracture, is laborious. Maintaining a condition or avoiding such a crash would have been significantly easier than restoring an already clearly reduced ability to function. However, it is always better late than never.

High senior chairs, pillowcases and other home tricks.

A senior chair is often only thought of as a chair with a higher seating height. In most senior chairs, nothing special happens in terms of getting up correctly, or improving ability to function. They only have a higher seating height. In this case, care must be taken not to create pressure under the thighs, which  prevents blood circulation, due to excessive height. It is also typically not comfortable to sit too high, nor is it ergonomically good. Getting up also becomes unsafe if your feet are not firmly on the ground when starting to get up. Sitting on top of different pillowcases, on the other hand, destroys sitting ergonomics and typically also hurts the back in the long run.

The idea behind the Armi chair is that you don’t have to sit too high, or ergonomically poorly, to get up. The Armi chair is also always available at just the right height, the head rest is adjustable, and other dimensions of the Armi chair can be adjusted as needed, for long, short or sturdy person. Due to the operating principle of the Armi chair, where the chair only assists enough, the correct seat height measurement is very important. If the chair is too low in relation to the length of the user’s legs, the genuinely weak person will not be able to get up, nor will the chair guide the user to the optimal knee angle where the power output is maximal and the load on the joints is minimal. So not too high, not too low, but just right!

Some senior chairs, on the other hand, have very high arm rests. The problem, however, is the heavy strain on the shoulders, and even worse, the inactivity of the thigh muscles and the large muscles of the legs, when getting up mainly using arms. However, the role of the thigh muscles and leg muscles is very important in terms of better balance, lower risk of tipping, and for better overall ability to function.

In the Armi chair, the arm rests are high when sitting down, making them easy to find and safe to lean on. However, when leaning forward and further getting up from the chair, they move in such a way that the pressure on the shoulders and wrists is reduced. And the effort required to ascend is directed to utilize many muscle groups, most notably the thigh muscles.

Sturdy and safe

The Armi chair is sturdy, it does not swing, nor does it fall, even if a heavier person slumps in there. Still we always try to instruct to sit down correctly. Properly sitting down is the opposite movement, compared to getting up correctly, i.e., leaning on the handles, pushing the butt backwards and resisting with the thigh muscles when sitting down.

Resisting with the thigh muscles is also an excellent activation of the musculature, enabling you to go straight to an upright sitting position, reaching the Armi chair’s excellent lumbar and neck support, safely without a separate repair movement from an ergonomically poor position. Proper seating, and leaning on the high and easy to find handles of the Armi chair when sitting down, is also safer than slumping.

Activates musculature and develops motor skills

The Armi Activechair improves its user’s muscle power and motor skills already with basic use, but if you do even the slightest exercise movements developed for the Armi chair, the results are naturally better. Armi is suitable for both independent and guided training, and can be used to support rehabilitation. With the Armi chair, even the persons with weak muscle power can do the exercises independently and safely, the threshold being very low.

Rehabilitative medical device

Due to the above mentioned things, Armi is registered as a rehabilitative medical device in Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) and CE-marked, not just a comfortable, ergonomic and stylish armchair for anyone, offering excellent seating comfort.

Researched and tested

Armi has been developed by experts and has been based on a genuine practical need and a desire to help the elderly (get to know Armi’s story and Armi’s theses). In addition to the several studies required by the medical device registration, two theses work has been done on Armi Activechair, one at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the other at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

In addition, Armi’s mechanical durability has also been tested, at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, first with a 25,000 rise test (home use) and later with a 100,000 rise test (use in public space). Several thousand Armi chairs delivered and almost 10 years on the market also tell something.

Reduces urinary incontinence

When ageing, the pelvic floor muscles weaken, then even a small amount of effort, such as getting up from a chair, can cause urinary incontinence. The mechanism of the Armi Activechair guides the ascender past the heaviest phase of effort and thus may prevent urinary incontinence even completely.

Comfortable, stylish and easycare

Despite the special features, its design, both in terms of appearance and materials, has strived for homeliness, warmth and the appearance of an ordinary chair, while at the same time being easy to maintain and clean. The compact size of the Armi chair also comes as a positive surprise to many. Armi is an aid device that does not look like such and is suitable for even the most demanding interior taste.

Get up easier and correctly – Sit properly – Stay in shape

So you don’t have to sit overly high, uncomfortably, or in some strange-looking chair to get up. At the same time, you can keep yourself in better shape and prevent musculoskeletal disorders due to immobility.

We wish, both current and future, Armi chair users more healthy, active and safe years!

Below is a summary of the possible benefits of the Armi Activechair (the actual results will depend on the medical reasons behind the problems, and how the Armi chair is being used):

– makes it easier to get up
– rehabilitates and strengthens the musculature
– saves joints
– improves balance
– reduces the risk of tipping over
– develops motor skills
– prevents musculoskeletal disorders
– directs to get up correctly
– you sit comfortably and upright, your back and neck well supported
– sturdy and safe
– homely and elegant
– controlled by its user. (does not drop too high, no pressure under the thighs due to excessive height, which would restrict blood circulation)
– reduces urinary leakage
– facilitates the work of caregivers and nursing staff
– CE marked, medical device
– a patented and unique invention
– examined and tested
– already 10 years on the market, so the need identified.

When properly dimensioned, the rehabilitative effect begin immediately.
– the seat height is correct
– seat depth is appropriate (no cushions behind the back)
– the height of the backrest is suitable
– the seat width is sufficient


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